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Andrew Hayden  BMus   MPhil   FTCL

Andrew Hayden studied Music with Applied Physics at Surrey University graduating in 1978. He was a pupil of Richard Hickox and Robert Munns gaining FTCL under the latter's tutelage. His early years were spent in sound engineering in Germany and as a postgraduate researcher leading to an MPhil in the history of radio drama recording technique.

As an organ consultant he has been active since 2003 and has worked with, among others, Churches Conservation Trust, Norwich Anglican Diocese, and with BIOS as Historic Organs Listing Scheme assessor and Casework Officer. His experience of the instrument from both a playing and a technical standpoint is extensive, drawing on over twenty years involvement as a church musician with a strong focus on project fundraising and guidance particularly where resources are limited, and, from his experience as BIOS Casework Officer, mediation in instances where a way forward appears elusive. He has a particular interest in the work of northern builders such as Forster & Andrews, Wordsworth & Maskell and Isaac Abbott.

Advice can range from single condition and status reports to full project supervision with close attention paid to organbuilder/client-matching and relations. Coverage is throughout the United Kingdom.

Well known for his historical feature articles in The Organ and Choir & Organ, he was one of the team of organists for the East Anglian Historic Organs Sound Archive project. He is presently completing a PhD at Cardiff University on The Organs and Organists of Great Yarmouth, St Nicholas 1733-1894 and is the originator of the Star Organs of Britain photographic archive and calendar.

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