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John Rowntree

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Dr John Rowntree PhD MEd ARCM Adv Dip Ed

A professional organ adviser since 1970, currently holding the posts of Director of the Choir and Organist at Douai Abbey and Director of Music of St Mary’s, Douai Abbey Parish Church in Berkshire. He worked professionally as a structural and civil engineer, turning later to music.

He has higher degrees from the Universities of Newcastle and Southampton and is an Associate of the Royal College of Music. His doctoral thesis was on organ design and performance in the 20th century. He has written extensively in the areas of music and liturgy, the history of the organ and organ advising and design.

He has advised in respect of many projects, from modest instruments in tiny chapels to those in cathedrals and abbeys. Advice ranges from an initial report to total oversight of projects, including the selection of an appropriate organ builder. He has particular interest and experience in the relationships between the organ and its surrounding architectural and liturgical environment. Matters of acoustic are given special consideration.

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