St Martin's church Bremhill

St Martin's church, Bremhill, Wiltshire

A large chamber organ by William Allen of circa 1810, formerly in St. Augustine's Church, Addlestone, Surrey has been restored and relocated to Bremhill. The mahogany case has been repolished and the half round dummy facade pipes regilded and early 20th-century swell shutters that totally enclosed the organ have been removed. The original swell box for the Hautboy that had been previously removed has been replicated from a surviving example.

Tonally, the 20th-century Clarinet Treble has been replaced by the original Bassoon treble, and the bass pipes that were discarded to make way for the swell shutters have been restored. The orginal pitch, only slightly flat of a = 440, is retained and the instrument is tuned to Young's temperament.