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The Association of Independent Organ AdvisersExpert Advice on New Organs and Organ Restoration

Organs last a long time. The need to commission a new instrument or renovate an old one does not happen very often. However, when work is needed, it can be a major project. Help is available to provide specialist advice. Members of the AIOA are experienced and accredited specialists with wide knowledge of the musical, technical, acoustical, architectural and historical questions which can arise. Your adviser/consultant should be impartial yet should also know the particular skills and experience of organ-builders available to do the work.

Armchair knowlege is not enough! AIOA accreditation is your assurance of an adviser whose skill and expertise has been recognised by others in his profession.

This website is divided into three main sections so that you can find help quickly and simply using the menus above. The Portfolio section provides descriptions of instruments where AIOA advisers have been involved. You can use the Members section to help select one or more members whose skill and experience are relevant to your requirements. You can also learn more about prospective membership in this section. Within the Services section you can find detailed information on the services offered by the AIOA, alongside information on the process itself.


What is the AIOA?

The AIOA is a specialist organisation of accredited professionals, formed in 1996. Its purpose is to provide a central service for anyone in need of truly independent assistance with organ projects of any size. This website is provided by the AIOA as a first point of contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AIOA does not itself have funds - for advice on sources of grants, principally for the restoration of historic organs, please consult the British Institute of Organ Studies.

If you are looking to buy or sell a second-hand organ, please follow this link to the website of the Institute of British Organ Building (IBO)

A guide to good practice in conservation work has been agreed with the Institute of British Organ Building CLICK HERE for a copy.