Culham Chapel

The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer, Culham

This mechanical-action organ sits on a west gallery in an elevated position. It has one manual and pedals, with many divided stops to enable the maximum flexibility in the instrument's use and its registration.

The organ was provided with the eighteenth-century short-octave manual compass to increase its capability and to allow earlier repertoire to be performed. The organ has C-compass pedals. The instrument is beautifully finished with skunk-tail reversed key-colours, inlaid key-cheeks, a fine walnut case, old English-style decoration to the tin case pipes, a wind-blown cymbelstern, a thunder pedal, a nightingale stop, and an unusual growling-bear stop.

An AIOA Adviser worked in collaboration with the chapel’s architect to ensure high-quality finishes using top-class materials and workmanship.